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Period or Implatation/decidual bleeding ?

Okay,so I had unprotected sex about 3 or 4 weeks ago.about the past week i've been feeling different.I've been peeing excessively,eating and sleeping more often,when food is being cooked I feel nauseous(no vomiting-just nausea) sore nipples,headaches,backaches, and some abdominal pain(not often though).but I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet I was going to wait and see if my period was going to come on.and it did today(or I think it's my period)it was a bright red,mildy heavy(had to put on a pad)but as the day went on it lightend up to where I could just put on a pantyliner(it's still some spotting but very light).so I was wondering if it was a chance that I may be pregnant??
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replied April 13th, 2012
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i would say 9/10 your pregnant or your having a cycle change but id suggest that you go to the doctor & get a blood test & a ultrasound .. best of luck
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