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Period or bleeding during first trimester

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I know you cannot have a "period" during pregnancy, i do understand you can just bleed, but can you bleed like a normal period flow and have a healthy pregnancy?
I have a very regular period, im talkin i start at the same time of day every period. Well last period was from march 6-11. Because of February''s 28 days i was supposed to start on the 5th of march, but i started a day late on the 6th and i stooped my period completely the whole day of the 10th then started back sometime around noon on the 11th then stopped that night. This month i took a pregnancy test cause i didn''t start on my due date, so according to the internet i am 4 weeks, 5 days today. Anyways i was just wondering if it was possible during my last "period" could i have been pregnant and just bleeding normal? Sorry i am not very good at explaining details and some may not make since to you, i am going to the doctor soon when i tell my boyfriend but i just wanted to know sooner if it was possible?
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