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Period only lasted about three days, never had bloating or cramp

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Friday I started bleeding a little and the next day (Saturday) it was a bit heavier, Sunday it seemed to be about the same as Saturday. Today its light again and it seems to be over-ish (very light, barely there but theres still red-ish brown when i wipe. Any food I try to eat I seem to have no interest in, it doesn't disgust me I just don't feel the need to eat. I usually have that gurgle feeling of hunger when I wake up but not since this has started. I have had sex with my boyfriend but we ALWAYS use a condom and it doesn't seem to have ripped cause nothing is ever leaking from the tip where I can see his stuff has collected after he orgasms. As to the tired thing, I can sleep a full night and not be woken up or anything its just that i dont feel tired to go to bed at night. My period is just about over now. SO i don't know what to think about any of this. I'm 20 years old.My periods are irregular but THEYVE BEEN LIKE THAT EVEN BEFORE I EVER HAD SEX. They usually follow a three month pattern. I have my period then it doesn't happen again for three months and so on. Every time i have sex it is PROTECTED. We ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a condom. My periods are usually normal before this. My usual periods I get cramps but I dont get headaches or anything else. I have stopped drinking soda the end of May and have started exercising since the beginning if July.
For the sex stuff when he pulls out the condom is always slippery but Im assuming thats from MY WETNESS and such because obviously being aroused would cause me to get wet down there and such. Its always a clear wetness on the condom such as you can see and feel that its wet but it has no color or white tinge at all. the only white stuff i ever see is at the base of the penis on the condom which i would assume is my orgasm fluid.

And when I say the white fluid is on the base of the penis at the condom i mean it is on the outside of the actual condom at the base of the penis closest to where his testicles are.
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replied August 6th, 2012
Anyone??? D:
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