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Period One Week Early And Lasted Only 2 Days

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The last time I had sex (protected with condom) was on July 6th. This was also the first day of my last period, which lasted for about four days. 19 days later (July 25th), I started to bleed again. It was heavy the first day and light-medium on the second day. No spotting. The color of the blood was red, what it usually looks like. But I'm worried because it's so early to have a period and it only lasted two days.

Extra information: My cycle for each month since March - 30 days, 28 days, 32 days , 27 days, and now 19 days. May 8th and June 9 were also weird periods. You can read here. t-two-periods-one-short-one-late-brown-sta ins-t287705-a1.html No one replied to that message.

I am very cautious when it comes to sex and have used a condom every time. I even use the water test to check for any poked holes most of the time. I even bought birth controls that I was going to start after this cycle. However, I'm afraid that I might have checked carelessly one time and have therefore reaped the consequences. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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replied July 29th, 2011
am i preggy?
same here.. but we dont use condom.. but now i'm 1 week dalayed i think.. the first day of my last period was last month june 19 or 20 2011 and now i still dont get my period.. and no spotting.. i already took pregnancy test and it was negative but i'm still waiting for my period and i'm scared cause this is the first time that happen to me.. i dont know if i'm preggy!! Sad
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replied August 8th, 2011
Confuse !
I have been actively sex with my husband on July. My period suppose to start on 6th Aug but started earlier on 1st Aug and lasted for 2 days (heavy) then just light bleeding for 1 day then stopped. My period starts exactly 1 week after my ovulation. I have mild cramping only.

I don;t know what exactly going on? Any answers for this..and iam going to gyn coming wednesday.
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