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period 2 months late

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ok heres the thing on sunday i will be exactly nine weeks late for my period. i'm not one of those girls who has irregular periods, also because i'm on birth control. my last period was either the last or second to last week of february and even then it was late and really lite. i took a test then because i late but it tested neg. and i got my period a few days later.
then in march everything seemed fine and i didnt even suspect anything until i was supposed to get mjy period. i missed many pills in february and march. i waited for days but never got it. i even stopped my birthcontrol to give it more time but it never came. all i got was really dark gunk that wouldnt come out on its own (i knew this because i was checking every hour to see if i had any sort of period).
also before i was supposed to het my period in march i forgot the last three pills in my pack (which would usually give me horrible cramps after forgetting the first pill) but got no symptoms and no spotting.
i dont know if i should count that black gunk as my period being as it only lasted for about 3 hours and it was black. anyway i was experiencing a lot of symptoms but i figured they were becuase i was missing my period. i took two more home tests that week anyway and they both tested neg. so once again i figured it was nothing.
now in april i have once again missed my period. the only symptoms i have are some headaches, my back hurts a lil, and feeling very slight cramps a few times a day.
do u think this could mean i'm pregnant or just that i missed two periods in a row?
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