my last monthly period date 13/04/09. This month as on today i.e. 18/05/09 period yet not come. Today I have tested pre-card & result is negative. pls guide
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replied May 20th, 2009
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How old are you? The younger or older you are, the more likely you can have irregular periods. Do you normally have regular periods?

Did you follow the directions in the pregnancy test box? How soon after your missed period did it say to test? Five days may be too soon for the test you used. They vary. I would check the directions and re-test when it says it's most accurate.

If you aren't pregnant, go to your doctor and get some birth control so you don't have to scare yourself like this again. Okay?
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replied May 23rd, 2009
late period
helo. i usaly get regular period . bt this time its ard 5 days it dint come. i am 21 year old.i dint have any intercourse bf have being doing fingerng for me, can tht be cause of delay in my periods.. by chance sperm ws in his finger n it might have entered my body can tht make me pregnt?
can u plz help me out.reply me soon
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