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Period getting late due to taking postinor 2

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I have taken the postinor 2 march 11 which is my 2nd day of the period. I take a postinor 2 again April 16. My period should be happened to be in march 10 but still not happened. Is it normal?
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First Helper DmitriyBronfman1

replied April 20th, 2017
Yes, it's okay. It could be because Postinor 2 have high hormonal dosage contained. Since these pills contain high dosages of hormones, these affect your hormonal and period pattern causing delay in next periods. Wait and watch for your periods which could be delayed due to the emergency contraceptive use. Visit your doctor/gynecologist.
Take care.
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replied April 21st, 2017
Thank you very much. I also feel back pain heavily. Is it also normal?
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