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Period for a 13 year old girl lasting for almost 3 weeks.

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Hey, i was wondering is it normal to have my period lasting almost 3 weeks and i am 13 and it is my very first period? I was just wondering because i am getting a little scared that i will loose a lot of blood and possibly die...... HELP!Smile
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replied June 15th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
LOL LexiRexi, you will not die from that Smile. It might be scary and uncomfortable, but not fatal.

If you are bleeding heavy, you should take an iron supplement to replace the iron you lose when you menstruate. Iron help with red blood cells and red blood cells are responsible for carrying the oxygen in your body. If you lose a lot of iron, you will feel weak and tired and may look pale.

Are you bleeding or just spotting? You should talk to your mom about it. If it does not stop soon, you will have to see your doctor so that he/she can take a look to make sure everything is ok.

Best of luck!
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replied July 9th, 2012
heey I have a period for nearly 3 weeks and I'm 13 this is not my first time and my period comes every month so I shouldnt really have a period thats heavy and that long and now I'm really starting to worry please someone reply and give me your honest and true opinion plz:)
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