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period every 2 weeks (age 48)

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Haven't going through menopause yet, but certainly I believe I am close... Just wondering if getting a period every two weeks is considered the irregular part of perimenopause.... it seems to come late 37 days then start again 18 to 20 days later...Anyone have this..?
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replied April 16th, 2012
Perimenopausal 14-day period cycle
I think I am near menopause, also. I am 51 and my mother said all the women on her side of the family stopped at 52 like clockwork. Prior to the Big M, she said their periods just became fewer and further apart until they just didn't come anymore. Mine periods started to change last year - coming every 25 or 26 days instead of 28 - and every once in a while it would be about 35 days (taking a bit longer). However, in the past few months my pattern completely changed, and I wonder if this is the beginning of the end. Now I have my periods every 14 days! It's a real pain to deal with. I wonder how long I should wait before going to have it checked out. I dread taking tests and having examinations, so I only go if I think it is dire. It would be nice to hear from other people experiencing this. I'm curious what a good ObGyn would say about this type of pattern.
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