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Period every few months & fertility

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Menstruation is a woman's normal monthly menstrual period. But what are the signs of abnormal periods? When is vaginal bleeding serious?...
Regular vaginal bleeding vagina is a sign of healthy menstruation. What signs and symptoms point to menstrual problems? Read on to learn the difference....
Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of an irregular period to prevent larger problems later...
Ever since I began menstruating I've had a period only once every few months. Does this mean I'm less fertile? Will I have trouble having children in the future?
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replied March 1st, 2008
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It means that if you want to have babies you will need to be extra diligent in planning.

OVULATION is required in order to have baby. We ovulate a few weeks before our period, so since you only have a period every few months, you need to track ovulation.

It WILL be trickier for you to plan, but it does not mean you are by any means INFERTILE.

You should still use proper BC methods if you do not want to get pregnant.
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replied October 29th, 2008
Infrequent Periods - Egg Donation
If you are having infrequent periods, you may need an egg donor to get pregnant.

Affordable egg donation and surrogacy programmes are available around the world.
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replied March 2nd, 2009
my answer
im 25 and my periods are very messed up sometimes not having them for a year at a time and i have 3 children,i got pregnant for my last child without having a period for 5 or so months before getting pregnant,but it im sure is different for everyone
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