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Period 7 days late after anal sex?

Im a little confused and now im thinking i could be pregnant, i had anal sex during the days that i was most fertile and my boyfriends penis slipped out touching my vagina when he came, now im worried because im seven days late and lAtely have been more tired thAn usual, have a naseous stomach but not vomitting my lower back hurts sometimes at night makes me feel unconfortable. I took a digital test 1 day after i missed it and a regular test 2 days ltr and both came out negative, But Im am always on time for my periods, could i be pregnant?
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replied June 4th, 2012
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If enough semen went into your vagina it is possible, but it is very unlikely unless he ejaculated right inside your vagina. Maybe the stress and worry is delaying your menstruation?
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