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Period 12 days after last one , unusually tired ,

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I started what appears to be a period just 12 days after my last one. It started the night/morning directly after I slept with my boyfriend (unprotected as we have been trying, unsuccesfully for a year now, to get pregnant).
I usually get one between 28 & 32 days after the last period so this one's at least 16 days early - never in my 8 years of periods have I been early, and I'm not on any form of birth control.
Not a normal period either, no warning of it appearing and no where near as heavy as it usually is, like there's barely anything and it's just runny fluid that started off brown (old blood I guess) and took about 3 days to go red.
I usually have very heavy periods with a lot of clotting but it's nothing like that at all and I'm unusually tired with an appetite increase to boot - not normal for me as I don't really eat a lot.
No added stress in my life, no big change in weight and no other lifestyle change at all so I'm at a loss as to what's causing this - any ideas?
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replied July 11th, 2010
Just to clarify as well, that by my calculations I would have been ovulating around the time my period started on the 10th
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replied July 27th, 2010
I had the same problem last month. My period came on the 4th of june lasted it's regular 5 days and later came back on the 21st of june, I had sex a month earlier sometime around May 20-26, but my bf did not cum in me. Around that time I started to wake up every minute during the night to pee and I started losing weight due to stress and lack of eating also due to stress that I could be pregnant. I took the Home Pregnancy Test "4 Times" and every time it said I was not pregnant but I was still stressing. I started to read online blogs to see what other ppl who shared the same situation with me was saying and every where I went it all lead me to believe I was pregnant, Until a friend of mines told me how low the chances of me being pregnant was.
reason #1.- Pre-Cum alone can not get you pregnant 90% of the time
2. My period came on regular after I had sex!
3. I was stressing and stress and malnutrition cause spotting
4. pregnancy test says Negative.
5. Plus me and my mom both had our period 2 times that month.
I ended up getting my period on july 24. I was late because of the stressing!!!!
So ladies please dont stress your self out please. 2 WEEKS EARLY CAN MEAN YOUR BODY IS CLEANING OUT ITS SYSTEM!!!
& If your not ready for a baby use protection at all times or JUST DON'T HAVE SEX AT ALL!
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replied August 18th, 2010
desperate to fall
hi, me and my partner are despeately trying for a baby, the last day of my last period was 16days ago today the18th i have taken now my second test and negative could it still be possible im pregnant as i havnt missed a period yet as only been 16days iv had cramps and other unual sytoms so it really feels like i am, but not to ureif this is just wishful thinking Sad
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replied July 10th, 2012
early period
I had my last period last week and this week I got it early so does that mean I could be pregant or is there some other things wrong with mei thought I ask since I am new to having this happen to me I am 22 and never had any problems up until now I wanted to be safe than sorry
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replied December 30th, 2012
I had my period on the 17 and now I'm having it again on the 28 and I'm tieded all the time what going on
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replied July 20th, 2013
Help me !!!
Hi !!im Yvette !!! I'm 25 yrs old !!! I am super , very irregular ! Have two kids !! My periods have always been irregular before I had kids !!! Like every two months or 3 !! Since I've had kids its been every 6 to 9 months but I was 210 pounds !! Now I'm 178 and I've had a more normal be pound of every 3 to 4 months !! Got my period before 4th of July and go to pee and I see blood !!! It's been only 16 days since my last !! I know it's not normal . Have had the urge to pee a lot and it burns a bit after!!! Plz help me !!!
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