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period after anorexia- how long to get my period back?

i have had an eating disorder, i am 5'2 and i used to weigh 135. in a month i got down to 108. then i lost more, my lowest weight was 96 pounds. i have started eating again and i have gained up to 105lbs. i was wondering since i have started eating more how long will it take to get my period back??
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replied April 19th, 2012
come back period!
Hey there, good for you for gaining that weight back!! I used to be anorexic, and it took me about a year at being at a healthy weight to get mine back. I used to pray everyday to get my period! (you should have seen the strange looks I got at prayer meeting for THAT request, lol). However, that was just my experience. My advice would be, be sure you are at a healthy weight and have enough body fat in your system (since this is where estrogen is stored) and stay there! It will come back eventually. = )
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