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I'm 44 years old and have been going through perimenopause now for a few years.I don't get my period regularly. My last period was in March and lasted for 2 weeks. It ended March 30th.My husband and I have always had unprotected sex. We had sex April 19th.At my age you remember the dates I still to this date have not got my period.Normally no big deal for me.
But.. My nipples hurt so bad, my boobs are like cows utters there so heavy. I went up a whole bra size,lower backache,cramping,heavy feeling in abdomen like period coming, stuffy nose, good old montgomery glands( bumps on nipples) Gained 10 lbs since April, frequent urination.. I took 3 HPT all NEGATIVE. I can not get into see my Doctor for 2 weeks ( live in a small town) Is there anyone that is in perimenopuase and having these problems?
I am really lost here. Any help would be appreciated

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replied June 1st, 2009
Menopause Answer A6703

Perimenopause is a period that includes both the years before and after the menopause. In this period the production of female reproductive hormones becomes extremely irregular. The production tends to decrease and to completely cease. These hormonal fluctuations might be a cause for many symptoms related to perimenopause.

One of the most well-known symptoms of menopause is the “hot flash” which describes a raise in the body temperature for even several degress and then restoration to normal values. Mood changes, fatigue, and insomnia can also be experienced in perimenopause. The exact mechanism why these symptoms occur is not completely determined yet.

The symptoms you reported (lower backache, cramping, enlarged breasts, heavy feeling in abdomen like period coming) do not exactly match the usual symptoms of perimenopause. These symptoms tend to be similar to the symptoms that are usually experienced before the start of menstrual period. Before the menstrual period starts certain hormonal changes occur: there is a sudden drop in the progesterone level which is a signal for menstruation to start. Your body might be producing more progesterone whereas the production of estrogen is already too small for any type of counter balance.

However, you might want to visit your gynecologist in order to have laboratory hormonal tests. A physical examination and ultrasound scan might also be needed in order to rule out disorders in which the production of progesterone is increased.

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replied June 17th, 2009
Perimenopause Signs
I'm have the same symptoms too. End of March 2009, my cycle was normal, however one week later in April 9, 2009 I'm getting a second period with clots and cramping and sore breasts and nausea. I'm thinking I'm pregnant and going through implantation bleeding. Went to the GYN done a pap smears all came back ok. Taken 7 pregnancy test up to 7 weeks. My (male) doctor failed to do a blood test to find out what exactly was causing the abnormal bleeding and nausea. My GYN doctor told me it was a fluke. After searching google on my symptoms and with the consideration of my age 41, I discovered, I might be going though perimenopause.

I have wasted so much money at doctors offices. I have decided not to go conventional medicine. I'm going natural bez I differently don' want to sound like a man. It's a shame after all the schooling doctors go through, some still not able to properly diagnose a condition.
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replied July 2nd, 2009
Thank you Dr. Goce I am in same situation tomorrow i would make an appointment a gynecologist. Thank you for the information
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replied July 5th, 2009
Q: Is this Normal for Perimenopause....
asked by: sofea (online) 5 minutes ago
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If you have respond to this question already please do not respond again. I am looking for other "women" who have had Rapid Heart Beat without sweating as a symptom of perimenopause! Thank you.....
Q: Perimenopausal?
asked by: sofea on May 26th, 2009
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I am a healthy (I hope) 45 1/2 year old woman that started her period at the age of 15. I have no children by choice, I have never used Birth Control pills or any medication. I also exercise daily and eat healthy as well as take vitamins and minerals like Cal.Mag Citrate 1000 mg fish oil 1000 mg vitamin C, Womens Mulitvitamin, Vitamin E 400IU.
I believe I am perimenopausal maybe you can help... I started in my late 30's with mid cycle spotting, that came and went. Now that I'm 45 1/2 I am noticing more symptoms. Moodiness, short tempered, anxious, tired, lightheaded at times, dizzy at times. Most recently I noticed my skin became increasingly dry. Also I have a few silver/gray chin and lip hairs. My sex drive isnt what it use to be, though its still there. My most recent symptom sent me to the dr. for a full blood work up. I woke for the very first time with Rapid heart beat no sweat just a RHB, scary. I have had it several times since always waking me from a sleep. I never sweat just wake a little shaken with a slow deep pound feeling in my heart then it starts beating so fast it IS really terrifying. I have never had this before. After my results below my Dr. sold me Progensa 20 by Allvia for low progesterone. I want to know if this is a normal perimenopause symptom? Can you advise with my symptoms and blood work results I would really appreciate it. Today is day 8 of my Progensa cream. Last night I woke twice with RHB both times only last 3-4 minutes first time was close to 1/2 hr. probably because I was terrified, not ever having this happen before. This is how it reads: Blood work done on day 14 I have a 32-34 day cycle
My Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) is <10 Units IU/mL REF is 0-34
Testosterone,Free,Direct is 0.7 Units pg/mL REF is 0.0-2.2
Progesterone is 0.7 Units ng/mL REF not shown
Estradiol is 131 Units pg/mL REF is 19-528
TSH T4F T3Free
TSH is 1.553 Units uIU/mL REF is 0.450-4.500
Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum is 3.4 Units pg/mL REF is 2.3-4.2
T4,Free(Direct) is 1.28 Units ng/dL REF is 0.61-1.76
Any information would be appreciated. I tried to give as much info as possible. Do you think I am perimenopausal and do you think with my results I am using the correct thing Progesterone cream? I refuse to take Synthetic hormones I have seen bad things happen with friends and good things happen with Bioidentical hormones with friends that have been on Progesterone creams for up to 20 years.

Thank you,
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replied October 27th, 2009
Stages of menopause

Perimenopause: This refers to the time you begin experiencing menopausal symptoms, even though you are still menstruating. You may have hot flushes and other symptoms due to the fluctuation of hormones. This period may last for 4âspam�5 years.
Postmenopause: This refers to the entire time which comes after Menopause.
Symptoms of menopause
The extent and severity of symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some of the most common symptoms include:
* Irregular or skipped periods.
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