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Penis stiff/hard/rigid when not erect and retraction issues

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Hello, new to the board. I know nobody likes reading long winded posts, so I'll cut straight the chase. I am 27 year old caucasian male, slightly overweight. When I was 15, i was wrestling around with some friends and felt a strange "pop" in my groin. Didnt know what it was, but it felt weird. Went to the bathroom and discovered my penis had almost completely ratracted and was now hard to the touch even thought it was not erect. Being young and embarrased I did not tell anyone.A year later I finally told my father and we went to the doctor. He seemed unconcerned and said it wouldnt probably correct itself. It never did.

Like I said, Im 27 now and its only gotten worse.Anything physical, ANYTHING, from picking up a box to carrying a bag, to running, causes it to shrink massively. I know that physical activity causes retraction but this is beyond normal. It is also stiff to the touch even when not erect, but by physical stimuli it will regain its elasticity until you stop, and then it will stiffen up and retract again. When stiff, not erect, the length is 1-1.5" . When properly flaccid, and before the injury it was closer to 3". I can achieve and maintain an erection just fine,and for a good 1-2 hours post orgasm, the retraction/stiffness is better, possible blood flow issue? No painful urination, but there is some frequency there.

Went to a urologist, he said he felt some fibrous tissue, possible early peyronies. But he thought there was nothing to worry about. My penis does not have any sort of bend in it. I have some additional symptoms (such as pain/tingling in the testes) but if anyone reading this has ever encountered anything like this before, I am really at a cross roads with what to do in my life because of this problem.
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