Ok well i want to start with im new here , im 17... and im searching for answers,

im worried about my penis size (6 1/4 length 5 1/2 cirumfrence) im not sure if its even average due to the fact im 6'4 and everything on me is huge so... is it average.. small... or large?

what age does the penis stop growing? and usualy how many times would it grow, in a large amount or slightly

i can ejaculate up to 3 times (3 seperate orgasms and taking about 3 hours to accomplish) in a single sitting without going flaccid is this normal?

i dont have much feeling in my penis its taken up to an hour and 30 minutes to ejaculate with my girlfriend us doing various things (no intercourse
and finally iv been with the girl im with for about a year and im curious to how to have intercourse without making complete idiots of ourselfs (we are both virgins)

im sorry if this seems liek alot of questions just im very curious and seeking answers.. any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
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replied December 18th, 2008
I will get straight to the point...

#1 your penis is above average the average size is between 5 1/4-just under 6
#2 the penis stops growing around the ages of 18-21 I do believe, when puberty is over.
#3 The 3 orgasms repeatedly is amazing ecspecially without getting flaccid. I would expect that, theat is very healthy.
#4 Dont feel bad about being an idiot its your first time and its even better that you are both virgins. Dont worry about your performance just share the special moment with each other it only happens once ya know.
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replied October 2nd, 2009
give it more time.
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replied January 7th, 2010
Be a man, ur bird probly wants it so bad but she's to scard to tell u, if i was u I'd spend the night together nd then slowly get naked then u both slowly do stuff, then just say, "do u wanna do it" if she says yes then just go for it mate, ull have a great time nd you two will bcome so much more closer Smile good lucky

From the "Sex Doctor" x
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