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Penis scar on glans

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Okay, so I have a scar/mark on my penis head located just under the hole that you pee out of. It's about the size of a grain of rice. This is how I got it:

One day I woke up to a wet dream and I didn't bother cleaning up and just went back to sleep. When got up I remembered how it felt and wanted to masturbate, so I did and went back to sleep. Okay so I proceeded the day unaware of the consequences that I would soon face.

The next day I looked down at my penis and noticed a dark mark on my penis head as I described.
I thought it was just dirt but when I tried to rub it off it wouldn't come off. When I looked at it close I realized it was a scar because it was permanent. It's an inward scar and it's dark but when I have an erection it's not as dark and looks more like an indent.

My question is this. I know there are creams and oils and other products that make scars look less noticeable. Do you think these products will work on a more fleshy part like a penis head? How about Mederma...and how do you think I got this... Please help.
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