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Penis head-downwards bend/premature-ejac

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Hey guys,

So I THINK I might have a mild case of Peyronie's. I can get erections just fine, but right below the head on the upper side there's a slight "horizontal tube bump" there. I believe this causes my penis head to angle down, but it's not just angled down, it's kind of sloped down as well on the actual head.

My problem is this,

When my penis head is angled upwards (as in the head placed into a position that is straight in line with the shaft, [as the end of the head kind of angles below the shaft], it gets extremely sensitive (pleasurable) on the underside and makes the head very delicate.

When I put on a condom the head is permanently placed into this position and I can cum without even touching my penis. I've tried moving the latex in different positions to try and take pressure off there to let my penis keeps its natural bend, but no luck yet.

I can masterbate without a condom and last just fine, although it's annoying knowing my penis is bent downwards slightly, but as soon as a condom comes into the picture I'm screwed.

Anyone had this problem/any advice?
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replied March 26th, 2012
Community Volunteer
Are you uncut.
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replied March 26th, 2012
Yep, been cut my whole life.

The Peyronie's only started a couple years ago, I don't know what a condom felt like back then though to see if I would of had this issue beforehand.

I've been trying to masturbate keeping the head in line with the shaft, hoping that maybe the head would straighten out or stop the ejactulation when placed into this position (the shaft is perfectly fine),but no luck so far.

I've also tried masturbating with a condom to try and see if maybe the sensitivity would stop, but after a couple strokes comes the premature ejac. I know condoms aren't meant to be masturbated with, so what is it like for other people seeing as there's not much lube and a hand? I'm hoping they can't last long either.

It's annoying, it's not a big enough deal to go to the doctor about, but the condoms making me cum so quickly makes me worry.
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