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Penile suspensory ligament tight after inguinal hernia surgery.

About a month ago I had open hernia surgery with mesh for an inguinal hernia. Surgery was on the right hand side.
My recovery actually went very well, and was off the strong pain killers after only 4 days.

My partner and I haven't had sex since the surgery, but I have masturbated a few times since, and have had no issue getting an erection or ejaculating.

However, yesterday when hard, I noticed that I could feel and see what looked like a tight strand under the skin running from just above the base of my penis and into my lower abdomen.

If I keep my penis facing upwards (vertical) it is less noticeable and there is no tension or pain. But if push my penis away from my body just a little the stand cleary pushes on my skin and even lifts part of my skin up. I haven't tested how far I can push my penis down as I do not want to cause any damage and the string seems very taught and tight.

I have self diagnosed a tight penile suspensory ligament, but I am confused as to how this has happened and it was not evident before surgery.

Has anybody else had a similar issue after hernia surgery?
Could it have been caused during the surgery?

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.
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replied February 7th, 2016
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replied September 27th, 2016
Hi there! I also recently had an open inguinal hernia repaired with a mesh 3 weeks ago and am having a similar problem. I masturbated and had sex about 2 weeks after surgery but strangely at that time did not notice my tight suspensory ligament lifting my skin. I've been having some mild pain when my penis is tucked straight down in compression shorts and today while erect noticed it's not only pulling the skin up, but is also shifted about 1/4 an inch towards the side of my surgical repair. Have you found out anything or had a follow up visit?
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replied February 22nd, 2018
I am experiencing exactly the same thing as Browncow, 4 weeks after open hernia repair with a mesh.

Did either of you find anything out? I'm hoping it sorted itself out with time...
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replied April 7th, 2018
i have the same issue had surgery dec 1 2017 and i have a cord like structure as well it's not scar tissue at the incision site it runs the length of my penis from the base up
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replied September 23rd, 2018
After all my googling this is the only thread I can find on the internet relevant to my situation. I had surgery around a month ago and have the exact same symptoms as those that the other gentlemen in this thread have. When my penis is soft, the ligament feels like a lumpy bit of uncooked spaghetti under the skin, and when erect it pull the skin up like DPTstudent. If I push down on my penis at all, it becomes more and more taut the further angled down my erection is. It will make sex on certain angles very difficult, if not impossible. Mine too runs all the way from the base to just under the head, thinning out the further along it is. It also seems to be going off to one side when it reaches my abdomen, like DPT student suggests.

Can anyone shed any light? The surgeon at my post surgery followup today said that it was very unusual, definitely noticeable and to followup with my doctor if it hasn't healed in 3 months. Has anyone experienced this and has a definitive answer? and if not, has anyone experienced it and it has gone away on its own? I am very concerned! Thank you
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