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Penile girth loss

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Im going to be completly honest because i NEED HELP i am too embarrassed to see a doctor in person, Last year this time, I was 17 and i had penis length of 8.5 inches and a penis girth of 6.25 inches when erect, Well the last week of summer... right before my Junior year in HighSchool i got a job. And the job plus me trying to maintain my goal of Straight A's all year Put its toll on me, I needed to stay awake because my new job and grades depended on it so i turned to CAFFENINE. I was literally drinking 2 16oz monsters a night for Homework and getting a Tall coffee (12oz) at starbucks everybreak at work.I did both of these about 3 times a week. I became dependant on Caffenine to keep me going with my tight schedule. And man did it take its toll. I did this for about 7 months until i noticed my Girth Deteriorating, Now at 18 im still 8.5 inches erect and sumtimes i hit 8.75 but my GIRTH has reduced from 6.25 to 5.75 A WHOLE HALF INCH!!!!!. I know im still big but this still bothers me. I did some research and i now know that CAFFENINE restricts blood vessels and my penis is filled with them. I know this is why i loss my half inch and it suxs cause i ended up getting on B on my overall year reportcard i missed my Goal by 2 points and loss half an inch in my girth, It really suxz.Ive quit drinking energy drinks all together and i havent touched one in about 3 months and i drink coffee now about twice a month.

is their anything i can do to restore my penis to its original size B4 work,school and Caffenine Shrunk it.Is their anyway i can enjoy coffee everynow and then without lossing more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me im begging you
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replied August 20th, 2009
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Caffeine doesn't have lasting effects on your vascular system. Even if it did it would require a much higher intake to affect you and it would affect your ability to become erect, not your proportion. You'd also see other severe symptoms like disabilitating headaches, loss of breath, exhaustion, and coldness in your extremities. Much more likely you measured larger at a time you had some swelling in the tissues of the penis due to normal hormonal deveopment or just an increased intensity of arousal.

The cure to your problem is very simple. Stop measuring your penis. 1/2 inch of girth isn't visibly noticable and nothing a partner is capable of caring about. You are getting bent out of shape about a number on a measuring tape and it's an unhealthy level of obesession with your gentitals. focus on things that are actually important in your life.
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