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Penial vein with small lumps

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Hardened penial vein developed in last 2 days. It is just below the skin running along most on the length. It is 1-2 mm in diameter with some small bumps along it. It gets bigger during an erection, which is when I first noticed it. There was also one encircling my penis, just below the head, but this went away after the erection went down. Is this vericose veins? Reading other blogs it sounds similar. Is a trip to the doctor necessary, or just wait and monitor? It does not hurt.
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replied June 2nd, 2012
Penile hardened vein
one other fact I forgot to list is that I have been taking Metrexato for about 2 months for psoratic arthritis, which I read can decrease folic acid in the body. Can this have contributed to the recent development of these hardened veins?
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