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Well, last year I had my son Seth and shortly after I got an IUD. Then I started to get inflammation. I told the doctor I wanted the IUD removed and shortly after being removed I recovered. Well, about five months ago I started having irregular periods and then spotted periods. So I went to the doctor and my PID had came back. It took me a month or more to get rid of it. Even after getting rid of it though I still was having trouble with my period so i decided to get back on birth control and that problem is starting to straighten out. The biggest question I have though is when is it safe for me to use tampons again. I have been using pads for months now and its really uncomfortable. Not to mention I cant take my son swimming. Any advice?
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replied May 12th, 2008
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From what I read online, you should have a follow up exam after treatment to make sure you test clean. Also, you can use tampons two weeks after treatment (if you test clean).

I hope it's all cleared up for you!
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