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Pelvic and Back pain after Hysterectomy

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I am 1 year exactly post-op, Robotic Full Hysterectomy. I started having lower back pain the day after surgery. Since that time, the pain is so severe in my lower back as well as my whole Pelvic area. Some days I am unable to walk or after driving or sitting for any length of time; I am completely locked in an L SHAPE! Sleeping at night is so painful I am usually up most of the night. I have had many follow up visits and referred to a Pelvic specialist that said he believed it was hip and should consult with Ortho..It's my Pelvic for sure and I am at the end of my rope with the constant pain.
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replied April 20th, 2012
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Hi jrh89....Unfortunately, during surgeries such as this and when we are already put under, we are lifted and moved around without our helping the staff...Here is where problems happen...I know, I had one happen to me years ago...Took me years to get over the pinched nerve....Take care...

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