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I am trying out this site for the first time in hopes that someone has an idea of what is wrong with my feet! My feet (both left and right) tend to become very sweaty, and have quite the odor. This is not due to the lack of showering either.... Just the other night I showered, sat in bed, and nearly twenty minutes later they were clammy and stunk. Not only is excessive sweating a problem, but they also peel. This is not a dry flaky peeling, it is more of a moist bubbling, and then they peel away. It is mainly on the ball of my foot, along with on the bottom of each toe and in between the toes. I currently use a Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder (maximum strength) every time I put on a sock in hopes to eliminate the sweating while wearing a shoe. This worked at first, but it seems to do nothing anymore. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this could be, or how it can be helped?

On a side note: It doesn't itch, or hurt. It is just very inconvenient considering I am a college student... the last thing I want my dorm room to smell like is stinky feet!!! Also, my sister has the same thing happening with her feet, so by answering you will be helping both of us! I am just using this as a way to get ideas, but I am going to see my doctor shortly about the problem if I can't find a remedy.

Thank you in advance!
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