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Pee hole closing?

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Okay, I AM circumsized, im 24, and I swear my peehole has slowly started shrinking or closing, like the slit you pee out of..It even occasionally hurts a little, Like when i have to pee really bad because it takes longer to come out..I can even, if i look hard, can see how the peehole used to be bigger and theres like new skin covering a little bit of it.......I really dont wanna go to a doctor unless I know for sure there is a problem...what woudl they do? all i could really see them doing is [ouch] slitting the thin skin covering part of the slit.....helllp..

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replied December 21st, 2008
i had the surgery when i was about 3 because my pee hole was too small to begin u might need to get it check up but now mine also seems the be slowly closing again and im not sure what to do either
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