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Peculiar Problems since Surgery.

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I used to work in health-care, and often did 72 hours a week. Following an accident at work, I had surgery to my C.Spine, having an A.C.D. & Fusion, at level 5/6. The operation was performed by a Neurosurgeon, in 2006.
Since the operation, I've had numerous & various infections, and have been treated with separate courses of antibiotics, as each infection has required. I often have raised ESR & CRP levels, when my blood is checked, and this is done approx. 4 times a year, or more depending on the results.
I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2008, after extensive scans & tests were carried out, which I've been told did not reveal anything significant. I have degenerative disc and osteoarthritis in most joints.
I've been to Pain Clinic, and seen Rheumatologist, where it was found that I had hypermobility condition, in childhood.
When I experience the Fatigue, of ME/CFS, it is Extreme and impossible for me to remain awake. Strangely, this is exactly the same as happened to me, when I was around 11-16 years old. My Parents (now deceased) could not wake me, and I could often sleep for a whole weekend. When this happened during the school days, then I had to take this time off from school. As far as I recall, this was never followed up with a doctor. I also experienced very, very severe abscesses, which my GP was very worried about, but it was a long time ago, so it was not investigated.
Do you think this is any particular condition, as I was only young when it first appeared, and it now seems to be repeating itself? What could this be?
Thanks for any help you can provide me with, to reach a diagnosis.
Regards, Thistle127
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replied April 3rd, 2011
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