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Pectus excavatum, Purchasing vacuum bell in India

Hello doctors,
I am from India, Tamil Nadu. My name is Arvind. I have severe bent chest, due to this I have asthma (seroflo 125 daily once) and very poor lung capacity. Because of this PE, I can't even sit properly (very uncomfortable), so most of the time I prefer to lie on the bed. I can't even sit 30 mins in a chair.

Pectus is spoiling my life. No one could understand my problem, all doctors I visited say that it's just a cosmetic issue and not taking it seriously.

I have read a lot about vacuum bell in the internet so I tried to make one at home, but the bell I made was not flexible, so gave me sharp pain on the circumference, so I discontinued trying it. So now the only option I have is purchasing vacuum bell from Mr Klobe in europe.

It would be very helpful if someone could guide me on purchasing the vacuum bell device from Europe (Mr.Klobe) as I am in India.

I will paste my pics below

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replied April 25th, 2016
i have a same .... so is there any way that i can rid this problem,
and where can i do this is it possible in india?
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