I wasnt really sure what section to put this under and i saw someone else write about it under here so here it goes. I just turned 20 a couple of months ago and ive known I had Pectus Carinatum for a long time because I was born with it. Its only a mild case and you can sometimes tell I have it depnding on the kind of shirts I wear. Im not really self concious about it bc I know that I am stuck with it but it is a nuscience. My doctor was really of no help with this bc he always told me surgery was the only option and i did not want to do that. I was reading about this thing called the WPC Compressor, atleast I think that is what it was called, but its a corrective braceing that is suppost to help with this but I could not find a whole lot of information about it or any testimonials from people who had used it. So does anyone know about this braceing? or has anyone used it and with what results? thanks!

oh yea I forgot to put this in there. Can you weight lift with this condition or will it just make it worse? I want to start working out, I weigh about 170 and want to try and put on 20lbs of mucle over the next couple of months, but since I dont know anyone else with pigeon chest its kind of hard to find out what to do. If you can weight lift what routing would you use and with what weights?
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replied February 9th, 2009
actually right after i wrote the post i looked it up on the internet and i really think my doctor was wrong. I think i have barrel chest bc mine doesnt look like Pectus Carinatum im not sure if they are the same thing tho..but the question above still applies. thanks!
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