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Pea sized lump on my anus.Is it hemorhoids?

It's been almost a week and i still have that lump on my anus which is soft and doesn't hurt not even if i wipe or touch it.There was light colored blood first time on the toilet paper but it wasn't much.Ever since then i've been touching it to see if it's cured but it still seems to be there and i'm not sure if it's supposed to be there.At first i got really scared and i don't want to go to a doctor because of it and also i have to tell my parents if i go to see a doctor.People say that they've seen it already but it's not where the problem lies it's just me i can't talk about it openly even if it's dangerous it'll take me lots of courage to speak about it. I just want an advice on what it is and i know a 100% accurate diagnose can't be posted because it's on the internet but some help wouldn't be bad and if it's possible i need a professional opinion on what may have caused it. I read some posts on other sites and it seems that sitting for a long time(which i'm doing) and eating too much hard food and not much vegetables and fruits (Which i'm doing)may cause it. I just hope i can get it cured in no time because it's making me worry even more with every day passing by.For now i can't think of anything else to say if i think of something else i'll post it.
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