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Pea size ball next to testicles near scrotum

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Hello all,

About a week ago I noticed a large pea size thing growing on my scrotum next to my scrotum and it has gotten me quite worried. I am in my mid 20s and i've never had anything like this in my life.

I believe it appeared shortly after I had shaved my balls which got me assuming it may only be an ingrown hair of some sort. A week has gone by and there was never any sort of puss and visually on the surface you can barely tell there is anything at all. It is only by touch you can feel this tiny pea size ball and applying some pressure I can tell its very hard and compact. Squeezing it doesn't really hurt other then the idea telling me it should.

I am wondering if this is something I should worry about or if I should give it some more time and see if it goes away before going to see a doctor.

Any suggestions or wisdom on this matter would greatly be appreciated!
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