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PCR DNA TEST I am not convinced.

Hello Doc

I am a 26 year old guy. Recently i.e on April 5th I had been to a massage parlour in Houston and had involved in penile-vaginal sex. First she was on top of me and then we changed positions. During changing of positions the condom was OK but once we finish ed and I came inside her she took the condom out and saw that was broken, may be because she did not have lube applied or due to some rough sex. When I came to know that condom broke my heart fell into stomach and I quickly asked her about her HIV status and she told she is clean. She also said that she has two kids and swears on them that she is completely clean, but that didnt convince me. I am so tensed that I may be affected with HIV or any other STD. Its already 12 days today and I dont have any symtoms but once i look into the web I feel some, but I am sure that is because of anxiety. I dont have any abrassions or cuts on my genital area and it looks clean to date and also I dont have any inflammation during my nature call. I am going to get married in next 4 months and I dont know what to do. On April 9th I took PCR DNA Test, and It came out to be negative. But the accuracy of the test is what bugging me. I was told by the lab people and one my friend (MD in Internal Medicine) that HIV DNA by PCR will be perfect after 48-72 Hours of Exposure. I dont know why I am not convinced. I am completely paranoid and dont know what to do. I am not sure how long I am exposed may be like 2-3 minutes. I dont have any cuts on my penis and once i pulled out its compeletly dry. Can anyone please help me understand my risk and further tests I need to do. Please help me.
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replied April 20th, 2013
can any one please reply
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