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PCOS with normal body weight

Respected Dr.,
I am 28 years old with irregular periods (each period after 3 to 6 months)and my weight is 50kg my height is 154cm.
I married before one year and trying to get pregnant from the past one doctor took ultrasonic and pelvic scan and told that i have PCOS in both overies with endometrium. she gave me promulant for five days.after my period she gave me glucophage then dulphastron for ten days then she gave me clomid for five days and ovulation injection on the day of 11th then progesterone for 14 days for getting pregnant but unfortunately i got my second my period with high abdoman pain. again dr. took pelvic scan and told that there is one big pcos cyst with so many other cysts so she prescibed to continue yasmin birthcontrol pills, Glucophage 500gm (2 times) for three regular periods. Now i got first period after 23 days but i am feeling nausea and vomiting with abdoman pain all days.Can i get pregnant with PCOS? my treatment will help me to getting pregnant soon?which type of food i have to take? Since my body weight and glucose levels, hair grwoth are dr. is too much busy. i cant even talk with her for 10 husband semen test result is ok.please help me.
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replied March 6th, 2009
you need a new doctor!
there are many pcos sites--and most of them will have a list of doctors in every region. you should look at those lists and find a doctor that knows a lot about pcos and can take the time to speak with you. you should work out a long term plan with your doctor, too. you should also do A LOT of research on your own and learn about a pcos diet and all the other things you can do to help you concieve. sounds like your body is dealing with a ton of hormone affecting medication which is not a great environment for a fetus! there are a lot of things you can do to help mitigate the cysts without medicine--esp since you are not too heavy. good luck--you'll get pregnant--but it may be a lot easier for everyone if you dont have to do it so chemically.
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