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Pcos , pregnancy and ovarian pain

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Hi, I was diagnosed with pcos after many years of infertility, it was diagnosed whilst trying ivf to conceive, my menstrual cycle was usually between 30 - 38 days, painful and very heavy menstrual bleeding as well as mid cycle bleeding for aporox 2 days, after 10 years of infertility and no successes with the ivf clinic, my doctor put me on the pill and said to give my body a break which I gladly did, for the first time had regular periods no pain and lighter periods, after four months I ran out so stopped and the next month I was pregnant amazingly, after my daughter was born my cycles were very irregular again up to 48 days, I started exercising and lost a little weight which made my periods regular but much shorter usually 23 - 26 day cycle no mid cycle bleeding but have started having heavy bleeding again and am noticing ovarian pain mid cycle like an achy feeling right side which can last 5 or so days and also again just before my period, is this achy ovarian pain normal or something that should be checked out.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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replied April 10th, 2012
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it sounds like you may have an ovarian cyst again. When I had mine it would hurt sometimes.

look through all your items you use such as lotions, shampoos, etc...everything. If the ingredients contain "parabens" (methylparaben, ends in paraben), you should stop using it. Parabens act as estrogens and make ovarian cysts worse. Also stay away from caffeine. Reduce your exposure to fluoride, find a toothpaste without it. Reduce your sugar intake, remove grains from your diet (no corn, wheat, rice, etc). Check out Mark Sisson. Read everything you can about iodine and Dr. Jorge Flechas, he treats people by using iodine for thyroid and reproductive health problems (ovarian cysts, irregular periods, etc).

good luck
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