Hello Everyone,
I have PCOS. Last year I was taking a hormone pill to regulate my periods because my periods are very irregular. I took the pills about a year then stopped because I was taking them faithfully and my periods would still come on when ever it wanted and not when it was suppose to with the medicine. My last period was July of 2011, so i havnt had a period in almost a year. I currently don't have health insurance so I can't afford to go to the doctor and I can't afford the medicine. Anyways, yesterday I noticed when I went to the restroom, I had some light pinkish, brownish spotting in my underwear and also when I wiped it was a mucusy discharge with again light pinkish, brownish coloring. I have never really seen this before, but I just thought that maybe my period was coming on. So I cleaned up and put a pad on. This was yesterday morning. Well today, no period and a very small amount of spotting still. I also woke up with a little cramping this morning but it wasnt too bad.

Has anyone else experienced this before? Its just kind of worrying me a little.

Thanks in advance!
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replied May 26th, 2012
Just a quick update. I am no longer spotting, but still having some slight cramping or uncomfort. Still seems to weight on my mind... Any response will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again!
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