i am mrs.prabhudevan.i find a lot of people suffering from hormonal disturbances andinfertility in bangalore india..i got cured of my condition by change of life style,treatment with good gynaec dr prabha eliya singanwith lots of experience in dealing with gynaec endocrinology.no point in delaying treatment till later when biological clock catches up.i got treated by insulin sensitiser,ovulation medicine of clomid and hmg/iui.i am lucky to have a healthy baby,thanks to my doctor,iwas diagnosed to have pcos andtreated at the correct time.i thought i will share my news and persuade couples not to delay till tomorrow.
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replied April 13th, 2009
I have p.c.o.s and im 5 mo pg
hello,I was told at the age of 16 that I had pcos, and that I would have a very hard time getting pg, if I would be abal to at all. but with the help of god and low carb diet and exercise im now 20 weeks pg... IT"S A GIRL!
im 28 almost 29 and i have prayed for a baby for years...I just wish that I would have got off my butt and done something about it a long time ago.... try the diet for 6 mo and just see
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