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Pcos and cyprodiol pills

I was recently with my boyfriend, and we got a little intimate (not sex), he rubbed against me a bit before he realized he didn't have a condom and didn't want to risk anything, so he stopped, we're not sure if any pre-ejaculate got on me when he rubbed (he didn't do it on the vagina but on the clitoris area), but I went and washed anyways just to be safe. We're both virgins still but he's worried if I might get pregnant somehow. I have Pcos and have been prescribed cyprodiol pills(cyproterone acetate +Ethinylestradiol). Is there any risk of pregnancy given these circumstances? I've been taking the pills for two weeks now, and from what I've found they can be used as contraceptives too other than for pcos treatment, is that true?
Please answer as soon as possible, as we're very worried about the pregnancy risk. Thank you in advance.
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replied July 8th, 2017
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Here is an answer from the doctor from before about these pills: cribed-her-cyprodiol-is-it-a-contraceptive -t354594-a1.html

So yes, it seems to be a contraceptive pills (used mainly in some European countries). The main treatment for PCOS is birth control pills, so it is not unusual.

Him rubbing his penis on your clitoris, even with precum is not going to get you pregnant. It takes quite a bit of semen deep inside your vagina, at just the right time in your cycle to get pregnant.

Please be careful!
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replied July 9th, 2017
Thank you so much!
So essentially, there shouldn't be any chances of pregnancy right?
I've been really paranoid and worried ever since this happened.
Going to be extra careful from now on.
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