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pc muscles don't feel 'right'

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Hey, this is my first post on here :)

Sorry if this is personal, but I went through a stage recently that I'd say lasted about a month where I masturbated alot (not internally), like at first it was only a couple of times a week but due to my OCD telling me that if I didn't do it I'd get a sexual disorder then I kept feeling like I needed to do it more, I wasn't even aroused, I just felt the compulsion to do it because of my OCD. This lead to me doing it usually twice a day, sometimes more, as I felt that if I didn't do it twice (one after the other) then an orgasm would get 'stuck' and I'd develop a disorder (sounds stupid I know, but that's how my OCD works haha). When I was doing it so much, it started to feel like my PC/pelvic floor muscles were too 'heavy' or not right, and my anxiety thoughts kept telling me this meant I needed to do it more or the feeling wouldn't go. I've decided to try and stop as it's taking over my life and making me feel mentally ill, even though I know it's 'healthy' and 'normal' it wasn't in my circumstances due to my anxiety and OCD. It's been 2 weeks since I've stopped and the first few days it felt really over sensitive 'down there' and sore but that's gone off really now, but my PC/pelvic floor muscles don't feel right, I'm not sure what it is, they either feel too loose or too tight but I'm not sure which one, and I have this when I stand up, and when I'm sitting, although it's more noticeable when I stand. I have trouble sleeping aswell due to the muscles not feeling relaxed or feeling too relaxed. I keep getting twitches there, not like full on spasms, I also have a strained like feeling in my lower abdomen and when I urinate it doesn't feel like it's emptied properly (although I've had this for a while, before this all started). I've also had slight sharp pain down there but that goes on and off and is not all the time. I had a bath earlier and as I lied down and relaxed, I had a really uncomfortable feeling in my vagina like the muscles were too relaxed and as I sat up, lots of water came out of it. Is this normal? I'm really scared that I've damaged myself due to it all. I'm going to see a doctor hopefully soon as I haven't had a proper menstruation for a few years, only spotting for a couple of days, and they might send me to a gyno.

Sorry this is so long! I just felt like I needed to explain everything, and sorry if it's a bit personal! Neutral answers would be really appreciated, I'm really panicking about it all, and I'm 16 btw.
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replied February 13th, 2012
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Can this just be your OCD acting out again?

Masturbating a few times a day is not really an issue, unless you do it in a dangerous way. It sounds like you just did stock standard masturbation 101 techniques (which are perfectly fine).

You might have a light UTI, from some of your descriptions. So go ahead and see your doctor.

Doing kegels is something that will really benefit you. Over that, you can go OCD any time and benefit from it for the rest of your life.

Best of luck!
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