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I went to the doctor today for the fist time for a check up and i got digionose anxeity and depression disorder.

but i got prescribed paxil and some other pills starts with a v. its incase i have a panic attack which i have most of the time in my car when it comes to a red light lol not good.

is paxil a good antidepressant??
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replied September 11th, 2008
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My experience was not well. I took it for approx 3 months (had anxiety issues with a nasty divorce)...

I was told by family members and friends that I became short with them and like a rag doll attitude. At the time I figured it was them and not me but once I got it out of my system...I then realized that Paxil took away my personality and anything would set me off with a terrible temper.

Now I'm back to being me Smile and the divorce behind me now for 14 years. Haven't had anxiety since.

It may work for just was not for me.

Do you feel comfortable telling your family or close friends about this medication and ask them that if you start to behave strangely to tell you (must not get mad at them...) & give Paxil a try.

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replied September 12th, 2008
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well im just embaressed of my condishion and for takin meds for it.

and i don't let my friends know i go threw with this cause im afraid they just might look at me funny..

so when im around them i just pretend im normal and nothings wrong with me. pretty sad if u ask me..

but i guess ill be normal soon because im just now gettin help for my anxeity and panic attacks...

i guess there is hope somewere in life..
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