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Pathology Results; Lipoma or Sarcoma,etc.

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Hello! About 4 years ago this coming February, I was diagnosed with what was thought to be a lipoma. At my first visit it was about 2.5cm. I saw my PCM, they referred me to General Surgery who told me I was ridiculous for coming in and it wasn't worrisome. Well, the "lipoma" had grown and I decided to see my PCM once more and revisit having it removed. I saw the dermatologist who said he would take it out in the office. I went to my appointment where it was 6cm. He injected it with Lidocaine W/ Epi. It immediately grew, hardened and was no longer movable. He said he was no longer sure what it was, and in all the years he has been doing this has never seen a lipoma react that way. So, he did a double punch biopsy. The "lipoma" had now grown to 9cm and now onto the 3rd week after the biopsy, has stayed that size. He also ordered an MRI. The MRI with contrast showed some areas that were lit up, but the radiologist said he was unsure if that was due to the biopsy. Well, my dermatologist got the report back for the biopsy. It says;



Sections show unremarkable skin and a fragment of adipose where a percentage of the cells show nuclear enlargement and pleomorphism. This case will be sent to the Joint Pathology Center for consultation.

My dermatologist told me not to worry till we have the final and we will move forward. He previously mentioned that there is a high likelihood that it maybe sarcoma. I was just trying to reach out to see if anyone had any insight on the possibility or similar situation. He told me it would probably be another 2 weeks before I head anything.

Thank you!
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