I am currently 19 weeks pregnant according to my dating scan. Just looking for some reassurance if possible as i cannot stop thinking that my baby may not biologically belong to my partner.

I made a mistake and had sex with an old friend on 10.04.09. It was unprotected however he did not ejaculate and this was a one time mishap.

My LMP was 22.04.09. This appeared as any other period and at this point i was not concerned i may be pregnant.

I did not have sex with my partner again until 3.05.09 as we had been having problems though from this point we maintained a healthy sexual relationship though not always protected.

2 weeks following this i took 3 home pregnancy tests with conception indicators. 2 of these confirmed pregnancy at 2-3 weeks and 1 at 1-2 weeks. A week later i took another 1 which stated 3-4 weeks.

My midwife has given me the due date of 25.01.10 and states conception at 3.05.09 however this is the first night i had sex with my partner since before my mistake. Also i have been worried about the time period that sperm can survive inside the body and also that some women may have false periods. Could any of these things mean that the baby is not my partners?

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replied September 2nd, 2009
Especially eHealthy
At 19 weeks your scan is most likely the most accurate gestational age you can get.

Based on your LMP, a 28 day cycle and 14 days LP, you ovulated on May 6. Unprotected sex from about May 2 to May 7 could have impregnated you.

Did you have unprotected sex with somebody else between April 22 and May 3? You could only get pregnant after April 22.
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