Here goes..
stupid me split up with the love of my life after 4 years..
we both tryd to move on b4 making up.stupidly..
Made the biggest mistake ever and am now dearly paying the price Sad

LMP 3rd of august 2008( first heavy flow day)
Due Date from ultrasound 30/10/08 12weeks1day-13th may 2009
32 day cycle i worked out from that..
my cycles are irregular,but longer.period b4 lmp was june 26-27th there about..
fertilization- 20-21st of august..
Had unprotected sex 15th 1 time + 17th 1 time(early hours of 17th)
Back with b.f 19th, had sex 3-4tyms,20th-once am) 21st couple of tyms, early hours of 23rd many tyms..
my boyfriend claims to have pulled out but he has already got me pregnant this way..

I know iv been sooooooo stupid and careless, my pregnancy is a nytmare. my b.f does not want to know if it turns out it isnt his,itz killing me
I know u cany give me the right answer but in your opinion whos more likely, i have used every kind of calculator on the net, im obsessed with tryin 2 find out Sad
plz help
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replied February 20th, 2009
im so sorry for what your going through its so hard to tell because their so close together if the other guy didnt pull out and ur boyfriend did i would think itd be more likely for the other guy since he came inside of you good luck hun
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replied February 20th, 2009
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your going to have to wait till the baby is born and do a paternity test to know for sure.
thats the only way you will get a 100% correct answer.
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