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Past fear causing anxiety ?

Ling story short... I had a mental break down because I thought I had cancer. Suffered for months of fear and mental trauma. Had the all clear and I'm happy... but I still feel pains in my legs, twitching, speech mistakes, and general pains in various part of my body. Also ear popping and tinnitus. I've had check ups from the Dr but he said it just sounds Luke anxiety to him... but I'm happy. Can past fear trauma effect me for this long.

Maybe thinking about it all the time can stimulate it.. I I just get scared and just don't understand how anxiety can cause really bad leg aches... scared of having ms.
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replied January 4th, 2011
Hi Eatyouveg its me again lol, i still get symptoms with me not feeling stressed... But like you i constantly think about my body and although symptons went down alot they still continue every now and then.

I think although we think we are not stressed we are... because we feel calm doesn't mean we are not stressed i think ever since me and you freaked out for the first time, you from thinking about cancer and me from a different fear.. we just haven't been the same and don't actually know pure relaxation anymore.

Also just before i went to read old posts.. i checked on the doctors forums and was looking for any thing a doctor replied to about MS/ALS.... when i stumbled on a post explaining ALS and MS i instantly looked away and felt panic/fear that i haven't felt in 1 week or more since i started my medication. I felt adrenlin pump through my body again... and about 1 min later my calf started twitching. I feel uncomfortable again now this sucks.. hopefully ill calm down but i shocked my body again ...

You see i try to stay calm like you... and then i still get a werid feeling in my body and it makes me think alot about it... like 2 days ago i started getting a werid feeling near my anus area... and it happens every now and then its like a vibration feeling... i had it in my leg before but now its near my butt... kinda scares me but i'm staying calm with the help of meds
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replied January 4th, 2011
Thanks so much for the reply.
Persoanly, I find a lot of relief seeing other people in the same situation.

The problem with me, is I've yet to go for a MRI or anything serious. But my only way of relief / to calm myself down is looking at my pattern of Aniety.

3 Months ago - Went to see a Dr over inflamed taste buds. He said 'it's just one of those things. If you feel healthy, you're fine.' There we have it, I was completely scared from there.

A week down the line, I started googling 'why are my papillie inflammed' and there was HIV, Toxic Shock Syndrome and Scarlet Fever. After I really sat and though about it, they don't scare me as much but I noticed my heart beating more when I was trying to sleep at night. This then led me to believe that I have a heart condition. I went to the Dr's, and they sent me for an ECG scan the day after. I THEN that week saw and advert that showeed girls my age can get Cervical Cancer, and that it's the most common cancer in young girls. Well, I absoltely shat a brick.

I was having the leg pains. Thats a sympton. I was having irregualr bleeding ( which we found out was linked to my contraception ) and I was getting small amounts of discharge. I went weeks and weeks with the most horrid thoughts in my head. Thoughts of dying on a hospital bed while my family are around me... I was crying EVERY single day. I coulnd't eat, sleep or anything. I've never been or felt so traumatic in all my life.

I went for a Cervical examination, and the dr said I'm fine. So that pushed Cervical Cancer off my list, but just to be safe I removed my Implant and I don't have symtons anymore. But I still get the leg pains.

So I THEN googled about leg pains, and stumbled upon Bowl Cancer which messes with the Neurological system or something... and then I noticed that my pooing habbits changed from 2-3 times a week to 2 times a day. Which is normal for some, but not for me.

SO I went the Hosiptal. The Dr did all these reflex checks on my body and my eye sicht. At the end of it all, he said "It honestly seems like Anxiety to me. You're far far too young to be worried about Ovarian Cancer, or Bowl Cancer. And if you're feeling pain EVERYWHERE al over your body as well as your legs, then it just seems to be Stress related. " He then went onto say that the only things it could be which are extremely rare is MS Which he menioned usually pops it's head when a person is in their 30's and to have it at 24 is rare ) and he mentioned a Brain Tumor.

He said that a Brain Tumor usually effects one side of the body.

Nice one. Ever since I got back, that's been my main focus. I've noticed I keep prenouncing words incorrectly, I stumble a little bit more and my ears are popping and losing sound... Uusually quit late at night though when I can't sleep. I get a high pitched noise.

I know I'm completely rambling on here, but it's just one thing after another, after another, after another. It's like my body just WANTS me to feel ill and it won't let me relax anymore. I just want my leg pains to go away and I want my life back.

I'm starting to go back into a dark place, and it's destroying my relationship, and my will to bloody live anymore.
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replied August 9th, 2011
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