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Past bad week of hallucinations + confusions about other people

Past bad week of hallucinations + confusions about other people

I'm really starting to regret showing my brother where I live because
He was having really bad hallucinations for a week and hearing voices
And even though mum said he's really good now and better I'm not totally
Convinced because there seems to be a constant confusion about where
I live who are my friends and what I have. I thought I was being kind showing
Him where I live. I had no intention of being involved in any subsequential
Analysis afterwards.

What's more my sister has now taken it upon herself to do a financial check
On where I live. She was asking some very strange questions last time she
My parents who live nearby. I'm really confused as to what it has to do with
Them where I live and how I'm managing financially.
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replied December 5th, 2012

may I know why is your brother having hallucinations just because you told him where you live?
I think it's OK to tell family where you live and how you manage yourself financially.
It feel like they are worried about you.
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