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partner never interested in sex

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me and my fionce have been together for about 2 yrs now and at first the sex was brill but as any relationship it calms down. Now it seems to be getting worse everytime i seem to try it she doesnt want to know its getting to the point where once a week if she feels like it itll happen and that is only if she trys it on.
I have tried everything i clean the house, go for meals, gave her massages, go out for a drink and also asked is there any problem.
I tried explaining that i wouldnt want our relationship based on intercourse but i would like to be more intimate on times and she just takes it as an offense with the reply your only thinking of sex and sex is a thing that should just happen which i accept but it only happens when she tries it on not as if it jus happens out of the blue.
Is this something that is normal ?
Can anyone help me please
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replied September 28th, 2009
Every womans libido changes from time to time, it could be she is stressed about other things in her life, or something could be bothering her about the relationship, the key to solving this problem is talking to her about her issues and not focusing on sex. then things may fall back into place for you. Cleaning the house etc, smacks of trying to hard and she may not appreciate it, communicate with her instead
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