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Part of head hurts like a bruise when pressed down

Okay so basically about probably like a year ago, I got hit the head a couple times by a gun(situations a long story and I was a innocent bystander) but anyways was bleeding quite a bit but after hours of sitting down I finally went to the hospital and it ended up only being a cut. So I got a couple stitches and that was that. So I’m wondering, basically now I’ve been noticing and in that same spot I can feel the scar but next to it is like a sharp little pain I feel whenever I press down on my head in that spot. To be more in depth, when I shower it doesn’t bother me, when I touch my head with my whole hand i don’t feel anything, like I can go through my normal day and I won’t notice it at all. it’s only when I press down a little hard on that particular part that it hurts like a bruise. Not too bad of a pain to where I can’t stand it or anything just hurts like a normal bruise. I also tried rubbing my head against the wall(my bed is against the wall) on that spot and it didn’t seem to hurt. Only when i press down on it a little hard with my fingers. What could be the cause of this? Is this a bad thing? Or is it just old tissue damage or something? I’m just scared it could be more damage or something serious inside.
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replied January 12th, 2019
I also don’t get headaches or anything like that
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