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Parsley tea while pregnant ?

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I got pregnant really unexpectedly. We had intercourse on Feb. 8 - I think I must have ovulated a couple of days later or even before. I really have no idea because before this I did't even think I could ovulate I was acutally told I would probably never conceive do to PCOS. Since I don't have periods, I instantly knew I was pregnant- just going by the cramping back aches and I know this sounds strange, but I feel like there was this project going on like a spider webbing a weave. Long before I even bought a pregnancy test I started on prenatals and cut out tea. But, I do take stimulant medication for ADHD at therapeutic doses; I'm a graduate student and would have to drop out without taking it. ANYWAY- last night I freaked out and bought a bunch (literally) of parsley. I took like a stem with several leaves and put it in a cup of boiled water and let it sit for like ten minutes. I then took it out and drank the tea. So it was that one cup. I woke up this morning and realized that I need to get in touch with baby's father before I do anything. I just felt so much pressure at the time. Anyway, that was at about 5 this morning and now it's around 8 pm. I haven't spotted or anything. Could I still have a miscarriage? Is the baby ok? I feel horrible. Is there anything I can do? Do you think he's ok?
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