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Parents wont give me peace at all, suffering tremendously

My parents love to interrupt my peace and make me suffer. I am asking only for a single thing and that is to be left alone, but they wont do that. Many times I have thought of suicide and to run away from home, but I have no where to go because I don't have any friends. This is lasting for months now and I just want peace and freedom. I really want to make my relationship with my parents better, but they wont listen because they are very stubborn.Help?
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replied February 14th, 2013
Ironically you should be happy. The more meddling and intervening parents are the more they care about you and love you.

Look at it from their perspective; they gave birth to you and welcomed you into this world. They held you in their hands when you were just a tiny, delicate baby and watched you grow into the person you are today.

It might feel irritating but the only thing they will be feeling is just pure love for you and concern for your wellbeing.

Trust me your situation might not seem ideal to you but there are plenty of kids out there whose parents don't care about them at all such as mothers and fathers that divorce and remarry, parents that selfishly overdrink/do drugs and couples that leave their children in orphanages.
Kids with such parents would be more than happy to be in your shoes.

My advice would be to just give them time. When you mature to the point that you complete your education and get a job they will hardly disturb you at all.

Also talk to them and be very blatant and upfront about your feelings.

Take care friend
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replied March 4th, 2013
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No, not all parents are like this. I don't want to sound as a pessimist, but some parents are just.. Evil?

At OP, this problem is very complex. I consider to talk someon with it at your school.
There's usually a contact person for this.

I wish you goodluck. I know how it feels(kinda), my dad has narcistic personality dissorder. ANd he have been abusing me my entire life.
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replied February 26th, 2013
Mrlonely84, it's actually very invalidating and unhelpful to come and tell someone they are "lucky" to be experiencing a situation that is damaging their mental health profoundly. The OP did not say their parents are bad people or do not love them, merely that they are exacerbating their stress problems. It might not fit the traditional idea of a "problem" family, but "good" parents - smothering parents, controlling parents - can do all sorts of damaging things without meaning to so I suggest you stop seeing the world in black and white. What you're doing is like telling an anorexic about starving children in Africa. It's pointless, unsympathetic and not connected to the issues at hand.
OP I'm a bit stumped, have you talked to a professional about how damaging you find your home environment? Perhaps take the time to write your parents a tactful, carefully phrased letter - that will make it easier to articulate your feelings, and not let the conversation be de-railed, more so than just a spoken dialogue. I know how it feels to think that suicide (or increasingly dramatic suicidal gestures until people start to listen to you) or taking to the streets is the only way to get people to respect your autonomy (because that is the issue here, RESPECT. Your parents may love you but they are not behaving respectfully towards you), but it really isn't. With patience and tenacity, I trust you can do this without doing anything drastic.
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