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Parents who are planning to adopt...TELL THE KID!!!

So I was adopted when I was 4 months old. My parents told me as soon as I could understand. It has never been a big deal, in fact it makes me feel really special that i wasnt an "accident"

However, I have some friends that are adopted. One didn''t know until they were like 10. One is almost 15 and still doesnt know, but I do!! This is really bad. It makes it a bigger deal than it is, and it makes it feel like it is something to be ashamed of, which it''s not!!!! It''s awesome!!! My adoptive parents saved me.

My 15 year old friend has asked her parents if she was adopted (ASKED!!!!) and they just changed the subject. She now is confused and doesn''t know what to do

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replied June 23rd, 2013

Totally agree I have one birth son (hate saying that) but you get what I mean and three adopted daughters they came to us aged 2 months 18 months and later 5 weeks the first two are sisters .. see again the jargon they are all sisters.... Have always explained in a age appropriate way how they came to be with us and on the whole we have 4 well rounded adult children . The most difficult time for adoptive children In my opinion is during the teen years when not only are they learning to cope with all that throws at them but have to deal with identity and belonging .. my children all think it;s to use your words awesome and were proud of our family dynamics and still are..
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