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I hate my parents!
My parents never want to listen to me!They think they know me more than i k now my self! My parents hurt my feelings all the time, they never do anything a parent should do! I cut myself with scissors, and all my dad did was scare the hell out of me and not even try to comfort me! they dont realize they are the reason i do this! I wish something good can happen to me for once! They never think my feelings are the truth and when i tell them i have told them that before they say i havent(my feelings)
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replied June 9th, 2011
Hi fazool33. I am sorry I am late in greeting you. One family member's hospitalization followed by another's car accident have kept me away from my computer for a while.
I wish I had some good advice for you on your problem but getting others to give us what we need is sometimes an impossible task. They may think you are going through a phase or are just being melodramatic so their reaction is to ignore you and your actions. Or they might not know what to say or do so they do nothing. In either case, they cannot give you what is not in them to give. My parents were the same and I simply counted the days until I could get out on my own. This is not the best attitude to take but it is what got me through those final years until college. And your dad sounds a lot like mine. He could not express love well and whenever one of us kids did something dangerous or life threatening he reacted by shouting. At the time I thought he was angry but looking back on it I can see that we nearly scared him to death, he was so concerned about us.
If you are able to do so, try talking to them calmly and without emotion. Tell them what you need that you feel you are not getting. I advise against being emotional because they might chalk it up to teen hysterics or melodrama. But serious, heartfelt words cannot be discounted or ignored.
I hope your relationship with your parents improves.
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