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paranoid schitzophrenic?

please help me? should i ignore my fears and see a doc?
yes you crazy idiot.
ehh maybe. your voices seem to make sense.
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i really dont know what to do. everyone says i need help, but im not gonna let those people near me. i cant trust them, for all i know they could go behind my back and gossip about me, telling everyone about the nut-case they caught today. the "voices" (i guess you would call them, although their real people they tell me) tell me i cant go around telling everyone, they would hate me, test me, and probably hurt me in the process. even my parents are out to get me. they take every measure to make sure me and my fiance dont marry. he's the only one i feel i can trust...theres something else..stress and rage sometimes build up inside me so much that i lose control of my own body, and something else takes over. let me elaborate: i am a small girl, only 5'1. but i got raging mad a a former friend of mine, and lost control. she stepped up and took control. i could see everything that was happening, even feel it to some extent, but i was not moving of my own accord. she wanted to kill, and it took four of my big guy friends to keep us from doing that. she might be my alternate personality, shes always lurking at the back of my mind, fuming over everyone i hold a grudge to. shes never silent. shes a reason i dont have many friends. she starts spouting what lies theyre letting me and that i shouldnt tell them anything. even now shes screaming at me to just shut my computer down and forget this whole thing. i cant even trust her. other voices speak as well, i can see them occasionally. and its really annoying when they seem to squish out of you and make you jump.
oh god i just dont know what to do...
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replied May 16th, 2010
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It depends what you're expecting from getting helped. I'll send you a PM.

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